Parish Synod Preparation

There will be three opportunities for us to gather as parishioners to enter into the Synod discussion. Two meetings in person and one on the Zoom online platform. The first in person meeting will take place in St. John’s Parish Centre on Tuesday 18th January at 7pm. The second in person meeting will take place at St. Bernadette’s Westbury on Tuesday 25th January again at 7pm. Both gatherings will last for no more than 1hour 30 minutes. The Zoom online platform meeting will take place on Tuesday 1st February at 7pm. (Please email Fr. Tom if you wish to attend the Zoom meeting and he will send to the joining invitation)
You can attend all three of these events if you wish, but not necessary if you do not. All welcome

Preparing for Synod Information


Pastoral Letter for the Feast of the Holy Family

Universal Church Synod

Pope Francis has launched a universal Church Synod. Inviting all to be part of a discussion regarding the teachings of the Church. Every Parish is invited to be part of this. The Diocese of Clifton invites us to be part of this process. If you wish to represent the thoughts of the catholic community in Trowbridge and Westbury, please let Fr. Tom know and he will pass your details on to the Diocesan Synod link person.


Trowbridge Foodbank

We are now accepting offerings for the Trowbridge Foodbank. You can leave your offering in the Church porches. Each collection will take place on the last Monday of each month. From January 2022, the Foodbank are asking for Fray Bentos tiined pie products. Thank you for your generosity.



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